Dream Project

His dream project has few phases. The first and biggest challenge is sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Detailed plan will be announced shortly. In brief, he is planning to team up with a Japanese celebrity, who can see and sail with him to pursue this endeavor. Prospective starting point is Osaka in Japan and the goal will be his hometown, San Diego, California. To date, no visually impaired person in the condition of total blindness (NLP) has attempted such challenges.


Ultimately he wants to be a motivational speaker/sailor to make a difference in others life, especially children. He went through the depression that accompanied his developing disability when he was a teenager.  However, he has doggedly put his energy on a positive tack and made an exciting life for himself. When his dream project proves that even a totally blind person can sail across the Pacific Ocean with an aid of sighted person, he would like to share his passion with people who need a spark to light up their days, to put them on the right track and help them renew their fervor for life.


His challenge is never ending. He is aiming to enter the Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) in 2015.The Transpac is an offshore yacht race starting off Point Fermin, San Pedro near Los Angeles, and ending off Diamond Head Lighthouse in Honolulu, a distance of around 2,225 nautical miles (2,560 mi; 4,121 km). Since the race started in 1906, it has been one of yachting's premier offshore races and attracts entrants from all over the world.



Hiro Sailing Video 11/18/2012